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  • 06-05-1962

    Born in Hilversum, the Netherlands
    With twin brother Badi.
    His father is the Palestinian Poet Youssef Alkhatib
    Of Dura Alkhalil.
    His mother is Baha Alrayyes, of Gaza City.

  • 1963-64

    Family moves back to Syria.

    Brother Waddah is born.

  • His sister Asil


    Sister Asil is born.

  • laique school


    Completes primary education (Hurriya Institute, Damascus).

  • His sister Hadeel


    Sister Hadeel is born.
    Completes Preparatory education (Dimashq Alarabiya High School) .

  • His brother Taleed


    Brother Talid is born.

  • Soccer team


    Completes Secondary Education (Ibn Khaldoon High School).
    Start up Player, Palestine Youth Soccer Team.
    Enrolls as an English Major, Damascus University.

  • Moscow


    Travels to the Soviet Union.
    Enrolls in the Department of the Film & TV Direction.
    The Moscow Higher Institute of Cinema ( VGIK).
    under the supervision of the well-known director Aleksandr Zguridi .

  • 1982

    Directs his first short film Junoon (Mania).


  • 1984

    Directs short film Alruh Althaniya (Second Soul).

  • Anda Khateeb


    Sister Anda is born.

  • Amina Film


    Directs short film Amina ( Amina ).

  • 1987

    Directs his graduation film from VGIK, Alla’ana (The Curse).
    Returns to Damascus.
    Begins writing his novel Ahlam Alghars Almuqaddas (Dreams of the Sacred Plant).
    On 18.12.1987, Basil meets his homeland Palestine across the border from the Northern Jordan Valley during a visit with his parents.

  • 1988

    Begins working with his father’s establishment
    "Palestine House for Media and Culture".
    Founds Canaan for Film and TV Production, Later to become known as Jawa.
    (The curse) participates in the Leipzig Film Festival
    And receives high acclaim.

  • 1989

    Dreams of the Sacred Plant wins the Suad Alsabah Award for Arab Creativity.
    The novel is subsequently published by the Egyptian Book Corporation.


  • 1990

    Amina and The Curse participate in a number of Arab and international film festivals,
    Basil contributes critical and creative writings to a number of Arab periodicals.


  • 1991

    Publishes his book Cinema and Life (in Arabic) about the life and works of the Russian Director Andrei Tarkovsky, in the Syrian Cinema Establishment’s book series The Seventh Art.


  • 1992

    26.12. Marriage to Syrian journalist Diana Jabbour.

    Writes the script and directs the TV film Alru’ya Alakheera (The Last Vision).

  • 1993

    Directs two TV films: Jalila (Jalila) and Waqa’i wa Ahlam Faraj (Annals and Dreams of Faraj).

  • 1994

    Writes the script and directs the TV series Alkhareef (Autumn).
    Publishes a translation of Magic Lantern, the autobiography of Ingmar Bergman, in the Syrian Cinema Establishment’s book series The Seventh Art.
    Visits the USA as part of a cultural exchange program, and becomes acquainted with its film industry.

  • Majeed


    5.5. Son Majid is born.
    Directs two short films: Qiyamat Madina (The Resurrection of a City) and Massarat Alnoor (The Paths of Light).
    And two TV films: Alasswar (Walls) and Muzhakaraat Rajul Fashel (Memoirs of a Failure) .
    First Screening of Qiyamat Madina in Abu Dhabi in the For Jerusalem Festival (Lajliki ya Quds).

  • 1996


    Directs the TV series:
    yawm bi yawm
    (Day by Day).
    Ayyam Alghadab (Days of Rage).

  • 1997


    Directs the TV series
    Hawa Bahrai (Sea fervor).
    And two TV films:
    Alyaqazha (Wakefulness).
    Arsumu Hilmi (I Draw My Dreams).

  • 1998


    Directs the TV series
    Tweibi,( Tweibi).

    and his first feature film
    Alrisalah Alakheera (The Last Letter).

  • 1999


    Directs the TV series
    Jawad Allayl
    (The Night’s Horse).
    Nida’ Almutawasset (Mediterranean Call) the completion of which was banned for unknown reasons, after having shot most of the series.

  • 2000

    Directs a video clip for his father’s poem A’asha Alwalad (Long Live the Boy) written on the death of the martyr Muhammad Aldurra.
    Directs the TV series Nissa’ Sagheerat (Little Women) .


  • 2001

    Directs a video clip for his father’s poem Ajras Beit Lahem (The Bells of Bethlehem).
    Directs the TV series Zhi Qar,(Zhi Qar) in his first collaborative work with Jordanian TV industry.

  • 2002


    Directs the TV series:
    (Longing) .

  • 2003


    Directs the TV series:
    Unshudat Almatar (The Rain Requiem).
    Abu Zeid Alhilali
    (Abu Zeid Alhilali).

  • 2004


    Directs the TV series:
    Ayyash (Ayyash).
    ‘A’id Ila Haifa
    (Returning to Haifa).

  • 2005


    Directs the TV series :
    Mawkeb Aliba’ (Procession of Dignity).
    Nizar Qabbani
    (Nizar Qabbani).

  • 2006


    Directs the TV series :
    Ghaltat ‘Umr
    (Mistake of a Lifetime).
    Assad Aljazeerah (The Lion of the Peninsula) in his first collaborative work with the Gulf TV industry.

  • 2007

    Directs the TV series Rasa’l Alhub wa Alharb (Letters of Love and War) and begins writing the script for the TV series Ana Alquds (I am Jerusalem).

  • 2008

    Directs the TV series Nasser (Biography of the late Egyptian president Gamal Abdul Nasser) in his first collaborative work with the Egyptian TV industry.

  • 2009

    Directs the TV series:
    Adham Alsharqawi
    (Adham Alsharqawi).
    Balqees (Queen of Sheba).

  • 2010

    Directs the TV series Ana Alquds ( I am Jerusalem).
    Pays his first visit to Gaza, the birthplace of his mother, with a delegation of Palestinian artists.

  • 2011

    Directs the TV series Alghaliboon (The Victorious) in his first collaborative work with the Lebanese TV industry.

  • 2011


    His father, the renowned Arab Palestinian poet
    Youssef Alkhatib
    passes away (1931-2011).

  • 2012


    Directs the Cinema Movie

  • 2013


    Directs the TV series:
    - Once upon a time in Damascus.
    - Habiba ( Kuwait ).

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